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Description of VSee

VSee gives you free 4-way group video calls, screen sharing, and instant messaging, with a clean interface. Use VSee for secure, low-bandwidth calls on 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks.


• 4-way* group video chat: see everyone at once
• API for integrating with Telehealth and other applications
• Instant messaging
• No Ads!
• Works on 3G, 4G, and WiFi
• Desktop app available on Mac and PC (see below for more info)
• Low bandwidth: conserves data usage
• Calls are encrypted end-to-end for absolutely no eavesdropping
• Switch between front and back cameras

* With sufficient bandwidth.

VSee serves organizations around the world including IBM, Shell, the US Congress and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses.

Built on years of experience, VSee brings people together to work over video. Rely on this simple and secure tool for business and for personal use. We field-tested our Android app, fine-tuning the details for a great mobile video experience.

VSee for Desktop:

On Mac and PC, VSee offers additional collaboration features like file transfer and screen sharing. Group video calls and instant messaging work between PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Learn more at vsee.com
Feedback and support: support@vsee.com
Like us at facebook.com/VSee
Follow us on Twitter @VSee

Version history VSee
New in VSee Messenger 4.8.1
- New - group chat permission: ability to change participant’s permission level and ability to remove participant.
- New - Added support for dark mode.
- New - Added call survey on end call.
- Improvement - overall audio and video quality.
- Improvement - updated push notifications to work better with recent OS releases.
- Fixed - connectivity issues for group calls.
- Fixed - crashes.
- Removed support for Android 4.4.
New in VSee Messenger 4.7.0
- New - added ability to delete meeting history.
- Improvement - reconnect to the server more quickly when lost connection.
- Fixed - wrong presence status.
- Fixed - lip sync issue in group call.
- Fixed - issue where user is unable to join a call because in-call status isn’t clear from previous logged in.
- Fixed - wrong warning on video window showing lost video feed in group call.
- Fixed - group call history showing incorrect participant.
- Fixed - crashes.
New in VSee Messenger 4.6.1
- Improvement - tracking call statistics.
- Fixed - local user’s presence status is shown incorrectly on end call.
- Fixed - crashes.
New in VSee Messenger 4.5.5
- Increased timeout for call recovery after lost connection.
- Improvements for audio and echo cancellation.
- Improvements for sending contact request and adding contact.
- Fixed chat not in sync between devices.
- Fixed chat timestamp on new Android devices.
- Fixed crashes.
New in VSee Messenger 4.5.4
• Improvements for audio and echo cancellation.
• Fixed invite new user through search contact.
• Fixed losing audio after recovering from lost connection.
• Fixed crashes.
New in VSee Messenger 4.5.2
- Audio improvement for low bandwidth network.
New in VSee Messenger 4.4.1
- Fixed call log issue.
New in VSee Messenger 4.3.1
- Fixed crashes.
New in VSee Messenger 4.2.0
- Improvements for group call: better audio and video quality for large group call, reducing bandwidth usage.
- Improvement on app share performance.
- Improvement on loading address book performance.
- Improvement on loading chat performance.
- Fixed sound does not switched to headset quickly when making/receiving call.
- Fixed deleting contact option not showing up after deselecting all contacts except one.
- Fixed crashes.
New in VSee Messenger 4.1.1
- Fixed crashes on various video views.
New in VSee Messenger 4.1.0
- Using voice prioritization to support more than 4 way video call: showing remote video window on screen if loudest audio is being detected during the call.
- Added participant list for video call.
- Improved video layout for video call.
- Showing meaningful messages when participant joining/leaving group chat.
- Fixed crashes caused by memory leaks.
- Fixed issue that push notification might not be received
- Fixed group chat participant list not updating when someone left the group.
New in VSee Messenger 3.12.0
- Added support for sharing file.
- Added support for receiving file from Windows client.
- Added support for sharing text.
- Added support for address link and phone number link.
- Show selected contacts on search box.
- Picture in Picture (PIP) mode for Android 8.0 or later OS
- Allow searching for contact on chat window.
- Allow searching for hidden group chat.
- Added option to mute alerts when receiving chat from a specific group.
New in VSee Messenger 3.11.5
- Fixed the issue encountered when a user randomly unable to join a meeting.
- Fixed the auto-login issue while the app is still running in the background.
New in VSee Messenger 3.11.3
- Fixed Google Login.- Fixed issue for app often not being responsive.- Fixed crashes related to camera permission.- Fixed Acoustic Echo Cancellation on Pixel 2.
New in VSee Messenger 3.11.2
- Fixed issue where users can’t join group call.- Fixed issue for app often not being responsive.- Fixed crashes for loading large contact list.- Fixed user’s name does not show up.
New in VSee Messenger 3.11
- Fixed crashes while app is in the background.
New in VSee Messenger 3.10.2
- Fixed crash when login in the background.- Fixed crash when restarting device.
New in VSee Messenger 3.10
- Added support for persistent group chat.- Added support for viewing annotations from remote’s shared app.- Don’t allow sending invitation to invalid email address.- Showing name instead of username on dialing view.- Fixed missing images for sending images in meeting chat.- Fixed notifications for Android 8.- Saved current state of contact list.- Don’t expand contact group if user’s status has been changed.- Added ability to search for chat.
New in VSee Messenger 3.9.4
- Fixed presence issue where the client goes offline in the background sometimes.
New in VSee Messenger 3.9.2
- Fixed call duration for call log.
New in VSee Messenger 3.9.1
• Fixed for presence status is not updated when reconnected to the server.• Fixed microphone permission on first outgoing call.
New in VSee Messenger 3.9
- Fixed contact is not able to leave a group chat if username has special character.- Fixed bug causing automatically leaving an empty group chat room to not work correctly.- Improvements on offline/idling status for mobile devices.- Improved performance and fixed crash for large address book.- Fixed crash on x86 device running on old Android version.- Fixed crash on loading chat history.- Added support for stethoscope audio input.- Added support for Spanish language.
New in VSee Messenger 2.0
- Priority message: allow user to send special messages which need to be acknowledged by receiver in order stop the alert.- Fixed cancelling call to mobile device from desktop client doesn’t stop the call.- Fixed for playing notification alert when video is opened without being in a call.
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